[mythtv] Low-profile PCI TV Tuner

John S Flowers mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 16:19:58 -0600


I've basically been doing the same thing, except I've just REMOVED the 
backplate and put the card in the box. The really low-profile desktop 
case holds the card in place. It's not ideal, but hey... we're hacking 
a box already, right? :)

One other solution I've found is a case with a PCI-riser card that 
holds full-height PCI cards (horizontal rather than vertical). The 
problem is I don't like any of these cases.

Lastly, I'm trying to get pricing on this unit:

In many ways, this seems like it might be the perfect solution if a) 
it's cheap enough and b) we can get the tuner card & NTSC output 

On Thursday, December 19, 2002, at 03:35  PM, Chris Liscio wrote:

> John,
> My GrooveBox solution uses the ATI TVWonder PCI (non-value edition) and
> the lack of low-profile plates hasn't stopped me yet...
> Unfortunately, after speaking with someone from ATI on the phone, ATI
> only really builds low-profile cards for their OEM markets who buy
> insane quantities.  So I had to be a bit more creative to get it all to
> work out...
> The solution?  Turn the non-low-profile bracket into a low-profile
> bracket.  It's really, really easy, and all you need is a vise, a set 
> of
> good pliers, a hammer, and a good set of metal snips.
> If this scares anyone out there, this is partially why I'm selling the
> GrooveBox.  It's a pain in the butt, and I'll be happy to take the job
> out of your hands.  Obviously, warranty becomes an issue, but a) I've
> never had a PCI card die on me to date, and b) enough talking will get
> an RMA department to take almost anything back.  The customer's always
> right in the end.  A back plate is simply a cosmetic thing, and has
> nothing to do with the card.  Modifying the back plate also doesn't
> require it to be fastened to the card at the time of "modification", so
> there's no reason to suspect any wrongdoing was done to the electronics
> of the card.
> The only low-profile-out-of-the-box things I've found to date are
> modems, network cards, and in some cases, video cards (that all seem to
> be lacking tv-out)
> Hope this helps somewhat.  I'm going to be modifying a back plate
> tonight, so I'll be sure to picture-document the process for my site at
> www.supermegaultragroovy.com/mythbox.
> Cheers,
> Chris
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> Anyone out there have a suggestion for an inexpensive, low-profile PCI
> TV Tuner card?
> The ATI TV Wonder VE is annoying because it's small enough to be low
> profile (without the PCI backplate), but I can't seem to find it in a
> low-profile PCI form factor.
> I thought I remembered seeing one on Amazon.com, but I've checked and
> can't seem to locate it again.
> Thanks for your help.