[mythtv] Low-profile PCI TV Tuner

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My GrooveBox solution uses the ATI TVWonder PCI (non-value edition) and
the lack of low-profile plates hasn't stopped me yet...

Unfortunately, after speaking with someone from ATI on the phone, ATI
only really builds low-profile cards for their OEM markets who buy
insane quantities.  So I had to be a bit more creative to get it all to
work out...

The solution?  Turn the non-low-profile bracket into a low-profile
bracket.  It's really, really easy, and all you need is a vise, a set of
good pliers, a hammer, and a good set of metal snips.

If this scares anyone out there, this is partially why I'm selling the
GrooveBox.  It's a pain in the butt, and I'll be happy to take the job
out of your hands.  Obviously, warranty becomes an issue, but a) I've
never had a PCI card die on me to date, and b) enough talking will get
an RMA department to take almost anything back.  The customer's always
right in the end.  A back plate is simply a cosmetic thing, and has
nothing to do with the card.  Modifying the back plate also doesn't
require it to be fastened to the card at the time of "modification", so
there's no reason to suspect any wrongdoing was done to the electronics
of the card.

The only low-profile-out-of-the-box things I've found to date are
modems, network cards, and in some cases, video cards (that all seem to
be lacking tv-out)

Hope this helps somewhat.  I'm going to be modifying a back plate
tonight, so I'll be sure to picture-document the process for my site at


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Anyone out there have a suggestion for an inexpensive, low-profile PCI 
TV Tuner card?

The ATI TV Wonder VE is annoying because it's small enough to be low 
profile (without the PCI backplate), but I can't seem to find it in a 
low-profile PCI form factor.

I thought I remembered seeing one on Amazon.com, but I've checked and 
can't seem to locate it again.

Thanks for your help.

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