[mythtv] RedHat 8.0 and hardware questions.

Monty Walls mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 13:52:08 -0600

On 17 Dec 2002 11:21:27 -0800
gtgj@pacbell.net (Gregorio Gervasio Jr.) wrote:

> >>>>> On 17 Dec 2002 12:41:57 -0600, "m0j0.j0j0" <m0j0@foofus.net> said:
> [...]
> m> Live TV is super jerky with pauses every 10-15 seconds. Playback of
> m> recorded shows is not as jerky, but still not right. I'm not sure if
> m> it's the playback that is giving me the problems or the original *.nuv
> m> files have issues and there's a problem in how my system is recording
> m> them. I will attempt to play one of them on a different host.

Jerkyness can also be caused by the disk activity (ie buffer flushes).
I adjusted the elevator tuning on the video disk with:

/sbin/elvtune -r 2048 -w 256 -b 0 /dev/sdc

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