[mythtv] Theme: ColorBars

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 03:50:39 -0500

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On Wednesday 04 December 2002 12:25 am, Nathan Ziarek wrote:
> Since I requested the image/active-image patch, I figured I better get a
> move on with my theme. There are still a few little placement bugs to
> work on (I don't quite get the text placement) but otherwise this is
> pretty complete.

This looks really nice, great job -- try it with the attached theme.xml file 
to clear up most of the button placement issues.  See what I've changed?  
Basically, the icons just needed some offsets set to move them into the 
proper position.  I just got them roughly centered, you'll probably want to 
tweak things a little.

There's still a few things not quite right, like the TV icon leaving behind 
part of its "light", and the bottom of the logo getting overwritten with part 
of the buttons..   The TV icon could be fixed by increasing the size of the 
button background image (that's totally transparent now) to the size of that 
particular lit icon.  It only clears the area of the button background.   As 
for the logo, I dunno -- the easiest thing to do might be to move it up a 
little so that it's not overlapping the buttons..

Would anyone like to write up some stuff for the website to store/show off the 
different themes?  Show some screenshots, place to download the theme, etc, 
etc.  Preferably easily extensible for when there's more themes =)  The whole 
website could use an overhaul, too, if anyone's itchin to contribute..

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  <background style="normal">



  <buttondef name="TV">

  <buttondef name="GAME">

  <buttondef name="RADIO">

  <buttondef name="MUSIC">

  <buttondef name="IMAGES">

  <buttondef name="TV_SCHEDULE">

  <buttondef name="TV_PLAYBACK">

  <buttondef name="TV_CONFLICTS">

  <buttondef name="SETUP">

  <buttondef name="TV_DELETE">

  <buttondef name="MUSIC_PLAYLIST">

  <buttondef name="MUSIC_RIP">