[mythtv] Theme: ColorBars

Cameron mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 01:01:52 +0900

>Would anyone like to write up some stuff for the website to store/show off the 
>different themes?  Show some screenshots, place to download the theme, etc, 
>etc.  Preferably easily extensible for when there's more themes =)  The whole 
>website could use an overhaul, too, if anyone's itchin to contribute..

Funny you mention that, I was about to email you and offer to revamp the 
website since I wouldn't be too much help coding.  I've been following 
MythTV daily, itching for finals to end so that I can take some time to 
play with it.  When not busy with school, I have a small business making 
webpages, and would love to make a website featuring the latest and 
greatest css and xhtml.  I'll be busy for the next week and half, but 
can definitely get something ready for the new year, if not sooner.