[mythtv] My RedHat 8 Setup VS. Docs

Tony Clark mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 08:03:59 +0100

> Section 7.1.2
>   Ok I had some serious problems with the sound at first.  RedHat seems to
> set up the SBLive line in incorrectly and makes it a gain channel.  Dont
> know why this is and got tired of fucking with it so I just put in my
> Ensoniq Audio Pci and it worked great.  Good luck if you have a Sound
> Blaster Live.  I did not us Alaa for either I was using the default OSS
> stuff RedHat provides.
I can really relate to this, I've felt like ditching mine SBlive as well.  It 
does work better under ALSA but I haven't any idea what I am doing too get it 
working.  I just fiddle things until the sound is in sink using alsamixer. 
Kmix and aumix just don't want to play right with it at all.  If anyone wants 
to write a step by step on how to set one up I along with others would 
greatly appriciate it.

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