[mythtv] My RedHat 8 Setup VS. Docs

Nathan Langley mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 16:58:25 -0600

Here are the instructions as promised.  I went a diff way for the setup
(probably because I did not read the docs)

Section 2.1.2
  I did not use the RedHat package manager to do this.  I did not install KDE or
KDE software Develop.  This is what I did.

MYSQL:  # must be root -- use su - to get a root shell
   up2date --solvedeps mysql
   up2date --solvedeps mysql-server

   up2date --solvedeps qt
   up2date --solvedeps qt-MySQL  # Case Sensitive

This will download and install all the necessary packages for QT and MYSQL
If you dont have internet access I cant help you and you are probably not
reading this anyway.

Section 4.1.2  
  RedHat sets up all the QT Env. Variables correctly when you run up2date.  All
you should have to do now is run /sbin/ldconfig as root (su -)

Section 5.3
  I had one bitch of a time setting this up.  All I had to do was run export
LANG=C before I ran perl Makefile.PL.  That cleared it up.  I did use CPAN to
install all the modules.  The XML::Twig that comes from RedHat seemed to be
broken so I reinstalled it with the Perl CPAN Module too.

Section 7.1.2
  Ok I had some serious problems with the sound at first.  RedHat seems to set
up the SBLive line in incorrectly and makes it a gain channel.  Dont know why
this is and got tired of fucking with it so I just put in my Ensoniq Audio Pci
and it worked great.  Good luck if you have a Sound Blaster Live.  I did not us
Alaa for either I was using the default OSS stuff RedHat provides.

If you want to include any of this in the DOCS feel free too.  You can put my
email address in there and I will answer peoples questions.  I have also got
MythTv working on Slackware 8.0 if you want a write up for the DOCS I can give
you one but I will need some time.  It was a BITCH to get working in Slack.

Nathan Langley
Linux > BSD > MacOS > DOS > Windows