[mythtv] TiVo Series2

Shawn Pearce mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 12:12:39 -0500

Brent Borghese <brent@bborghese.com> wrote:
> The only problem with tivo is it cost me $12.95 a month.   And if I want 
> a second tivo its another $12.95 a month.   And all they are giving me is 
> guide data.
> If the 2rd, 3rd,...  tivo's only cost me $2 each more a month, I would 
> have one in each room and I might not be building a MythTV box.

That's my complaint about my ReplayTV.  But as I understand it, both
companies "gave" away the hardware at $250, although it cost them
closer to $500 to build.  They recoup their costs through the monthly
subscription to the guide data.

It would be nice if someone would offer guide data in an XML format
on the 'net for a low, say $2/mo fee that was reliable, so MythTV
could download an entire weeks worth of program guides in a few
minutes, rather than the several hours it takes for 100 cable channels.

I too am looking at a Myth box as I'd otherwise like several ReplayTV
systems, but am too hooked on my Windows based DVD player software to
switch to Linux 100%.  TheaterTek (said DVD player software) just
rocks, and beats anything anyone has on Linux 1,000,000 times over.