[mythtv] TiVo Series2

Brent Borghese mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 16:58:57 GMT

> > I have a Tivo's Series 2, and have a 3Com USB Ethernet card I got for
> > $10, and now I can down load my guide data over my cable modem.
> You're already using a USB Ethernet card with TiVo?  Does it require some 
> of patch or hack?  Do you still need a phone connection?

Just connect it, reboot, and it works.  But, you need a working DHCP 
server on you network.   Also, tivo's server do not seems to be up all 
the time, so I have had problems with getting my guide data.  So I have 
switch it back to the phone, other than just getting the guide data, it 
does nothing else yet.

Tivo has just released there 3.2 software.  So, I hope it will have some 
new stuff like the mp3 misic and other things.   We will see.

> As much as I'm looking forward to MythTV becoming a stable, 
> application, I have to admit that the TiVo interface seems very well 
> and reasonably intuitive.

The only problem with tivo is it cost me $12.95 a month.   And if I want 
a second tivo its another $12.95 a month.   And all they are giving me is 
guide data.

If the 2rd, 3rd,...  tivo's only cost me $2 each more a month, I would 
have one in each room and I might not be building a MythTV box.