[mythtv-users] mythtv and zoneminder cameras

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Wed May 5 15:39:28 UTC 2021

On 05/05/2021 15:55, Mike Perkins wrote:

> I very deliberately selected non-cloud cameras for this project. I 
> already had a baby monitor that was cloud-based and liked that not at 
> all. Since the zm setup is for internal use only, I have set up the 
> cameras and the server on a separate isolated subnet we can get into 
> but nothing inside can get out. If I want to upgrade the server I have 
> to power it off, unplug it and plug it into another subnet in order to 
> do it.
> Thank you very much for the above information. The zm server of course 
> has an Apache component so I can serve the .m3u file from there easily 
> enough.

I've not tried it but you could probably use something like these 
instructions to set up your IP camera feeds as an additions source. You 
would have to create a suitable m3u file with channels pointing to your 
IP camera's. Not sure if you would need to create a m3u8 file for each 
channel or just point the m3u file directly to the rtsp feed. It would 
be great if you do figure this out to update the wiki with better 
instruction for this use case :)


Paul H.

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