[mythtv-users] Populating the .xmltv file for my grabber from mythtv database?

Larry Kennedy lunchtimelarry at gmail.com
Sun May 2 13:53:19 UTC 2021

I am just now attempting the upgrade to version 31, and the cutover from DD

I successfully configured the sqlite grabber to pull from SD, and noticed
that it downloaded all of the channels on my SD lineup, even though most
are not selected.  I guess this is intended behavior?

Seeing how tedious it is to mark channels as "selected" in the Sqlite
database, I came up with a slightly different way to transfer the channels
I currently care about.

I run this query in my existing mythconverg database:

SELECT CONCAT('update channels set selected = 1 where channum = ', channum
,";") AS combined FROM channel where visible=1

Pipe this output to a file named selected.sql which creates the sqlite
update statements to set the correct channels to "selected" in the new
grabber database to match what you now have as visible channels in mythtv.

Then, just use the grabber tool to make all the channels as "not selected"
by default, and then pipe the file from above into the sqlite query as seen
on the xmltv wiki:

sqlite3 $HOME/.xmltv/SchedulesDirect.DB < selected.sql

This seems simpler than some of the other methods I've seen on the wiki and

Moving on....I need some advice before I go past the rubicon on this v31 +
xmltv upgrade:

After I do the 31 upgrade, and since I only use an HDHR, I plan to just
blow away my channels and repopulate.  I think all the channel ids will
line up the same as before.

Currently, in v30, I run mythfilldatabase as a cron job.  Should I continue
to do that, or switch to another method?  I've never let mythtv natively
run the mythfilldatabase process.  I'm having a hard time following the
intent of the setup-video-sources wiki page on this topic.  Advice


On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 7:06 PM Fred Hamilton <fred at yonkitime.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 3:04 PM glen <glenb at glenb.net> wrote:
>> i more or less followed wiki for sdjson
>> https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/XMLTV#Setup_with_tv_grab_zz_sdjson
>> <http://email.mg.glenb.net/c/eJxFjj0PgjAURX8NbJK2tBSGDi5OOmmMW0NfXwHlK7RA5NeLcTC5yU1Ock-uVeBKK3jcKMgABM0FMc4JSQHSomSZhAKAGuCMFTYnDDGBssM24qRqsTdJjyGuFSmkSwm3zrmMYs6JJZYyKaURzgiJcavqEEYfpceInfas65p071CHJRmm6guaV7PX43K-3SOWXjHMo16bUOuw6Goqjd427e3TD308qd_0MHuc_H7lb_oAUbBEXA> and
>> first got list of all the channels, then i did quick search and replace all
>> '=' with '!' using sed. then went back in and corrected first lines not
>> dealing with channels and replace with '=' the ones i use. still takes a
>> while but better than having to take out 800 one by one. in my case i only
>> use like 50 or 60.
>> i also used this handy util channel editor
>> https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Channel_Editor
>> <http://email.mg.glenb.net/c/eJxFTUsOwiAUPE3ZSYAWKAsWxug1DLxHLZFSQ9HG24txYTKZSSbzQQuTQzmQaEEBSD5K5qdJag7QGyeUBgPAPQxCGByZCIGCW0LqBnZLIXuaQyWz5Ux47RoDR0QYQ1sQIzqNynDlBUl2rvWxdf2xE5eGfd_p8q5zfdG13L5GvMcmp9nlHNL1jLGuhRT7Cx2eWyhbO_13PtCDO-k> to
>> have a reference while edited the conf file for sdjson. probably a way to
>> export from the channel editor (which it supports) and make a script to
>> adjust or recreate the conf file for sdjson.
> Thanks - that channel editor looks like it might be a really good way to
> maintain the list.
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