[mythtv-users] Stupid Fire Stick Match Frame Rate feature

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Sat Mar 27 19:21:08 UTC 2021

This is not really a mythtv question, but it is related. I've been using 
Leanfront a lot lately. It's just awesome now. It seems to play 
perfectly anything I throw at it. Possibly, if I hadn't already recently 
acquired a NUC-based front end, I might now not bother.

Still, that said, what ruins it is how useless is the Fire Stick 4K's 
match frame rate feature. I'm wondering if others are seeing the flaw I 
see. Every time I power cycle it, or power cycle my AV receiver, or even 
switch the AV received away from the Fire Stick, it seems to forget my 
TVs modes. The setting pertains: the fire stick still shows display mode 
on automatic and the match-frame-rate feature enabled, but neither 
leanfront or Prime video will switch. Leanfront explicitly reports that 
the mode it wants isn't present.

I can make it work by temporarily switching the fire stick to 1080p60 
and then back to automatic plus reenabling the match feature. Works 
perfectly, but I have to do that every time I turn it on.

I find it sort of pathetic. The fire stick is produced by a company with 
huge resources and with one purpose - to play video. How can they be 
content with such a flaw.

And Netflix?! Another company with huge resources and exist only to 
supply video, yet their app doesn't even support frame rate switching.

I guess, mitigating this for many is the smoothing feature that many 
modern TVs have, which make motion a little unnatural, but can hide 
frame rate mismatch. Seems a terrible solution to me.

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