[mythtv-users] Culling my MythTV channels

Fred Hamilton fred at yonkitime.com
Fri Mar 26 00:29:16 UTC 2021

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 2:32 PM Simon Hobson <linux at thehobsons.co.uk> wrote:

> Referring to my earlier message, the command my script is using is :
> > mythfilldatabase --only-update-guide --sourceid 1 --file --xmlfile
> ${xmlfile2}

Will try --only-update-guide, thanks.

I'm assuming that --only-update-guide means it should do nothing but add
> the scheduling data to the database - not update channels or anything like
> that. The program help is terse and just says "Only update guide data". I
> would have thought that --only-update-channels would be the exact opposite
> of what you want since according to the program help that specifies "only
> update channel lineup" which I'd interpret as updating channels but not
> loading any listings.

I thought it was crazy, too.  After all my channels stopped updating last
year, I figured it was due to the switch to xmltv.  So I tried to switch to
xmltv.  I still couldn't get listing updates.  I flailed around and tried
"--only-update-channels", and I got listing data!  I haven't touched it
because in my experience one mistake and all my channels disappear or all
my deleted channels reappear.

Thanks to your help (and Mike's and Geoff's and Stephen's), I've got my
lineup where I want it.  Next step is to try --only-update-guide (and then
your scripts to clean things up and make them more maintainable).

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