[mythtv-users] UK Crystal Palace OTA reception issue on CH55

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sat Mar 13 09:42:27 UTC 2021

On 13/03/2021 07:25, Nigel Jewell wrote:
> On 12/03/2021 10:42, David Watkins wrote:
>> The only info I really trust is that provided by the MythTV scan, and so far that's seemed to 
>> agree with the ukfree.tv <http://ukfree.tv> website whenever I've looked (which isn't very often).
> Should have said ... I do find https://www.terrestrialtv.uk/dtt.php pretty accurate.
Interesting. It is a pity that the site is in the middle of a rewrite, though.

Information presented in a simple, usable way is always better than an overloaded, confusing webpage 
that makes you work hard for what you need to know.


Mike Perkins

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