[mythtv-users] channel confusion

Ross Boylan rossboylan at stanfordalumni.org
Sat Mar 6 17:40:23 UTC 2021

I launched mythfrontend on the same machine that hosts the backend and
database.  The whole machine locked up.  When I restarted it I found that
the listing for channel 65.2 (qubo) was just a copy of the listing for 66.3

I looked in the logs for myth and for the database (mariadb).  The latter
show recovery from a crash, but other than that I see nothing that looks

Tried mythfilldatabase --refresh all.  No change.  Waited a day so that it
could fetch new listings, but the last available listings still show the
same pattern.

There is at least one related report about problems like this with
Schedules Direct, https://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/11509 which
http://lists.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2013-March/347938.html, but
that's from before the XML TV grabber.  So I'm not sure it's relevant.

I'd love to hear about solutions, or even about how I could figure out
where things have got mucked up.


backend is 30.0-dmo4 with some code I backported so I could use Python 3.
I use SchedulesDirect in the US with tv_grab_zz_sdjson
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