[mythtv-users] Ceton vs multirec questions

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Thu Jul 29 05:32:20 UTC 2021

    > Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 04:54:40 +0000
    > From: Gary Buhrmaster <gary.buhrmaster at gmail.com>

    > For various reasons, the hardware vendor of the franchise when
    > Comcast originally acquired it (back decades ago) typically is still
    > the one in use today.  If your CableCARDs say Motorola, Arris,

They say Motorola.

    > or Commscope (at different points of the corporate acquisitions)
    > you are not currently expected to see the issues no matter
    > the CableCARD firmware (as far as have been reported, only
    > a specific Cisco/SA (now Technicolor) firmware level commonly
    > experienced the issue).  And the issue was eventually resolved
    > with new(er) CableCARD firmware (which eventually got rolled
    > out even though the tuner vendors also had a quicker firmware
    > rollout).

Sounds good.  (One less tweak I'll have to think about.)

    > If you are not subscribed to a channel, or the channel is
    > one of the "gazillions" of IPTV only channels, the CCI
    > flag results are likely meaningless (since you can't actually
    > tune/decode them, you can actually validate the status).
    > But, as above, it will not matter if you are in a Moto area for
    > those channels that you subscribe to and are still offered
    > via linear QAM (for Comcast, that is a slowly shrinking
    > number as content moves to IPTV only).

I seem to be in a Motorola area.  (And yeah, eventually I suspect both
(a) most channels will be IPTV and not QAM, rendering my hardware useless
and (b) most of the non-trash will be streaming-only.  And thus will TV
have reclaimed its walled garden after the invention of the VCR.)

    > Request the current rate card

    >    https://www.xfinity.com/support/rate-card

Didn't require that I log in; did require me to verify my street
address, but I'm coming in from the network the account is for.  I
assume if I asked from somewhere random, they'd require a real login.

Interestingly though, it's only getting the bare URL which requires
authentication; I was able to download the rate card itself via wget on
a host I have in a datacenter (e.g., not this network) to confirm that.
So you can see it as well:


I see something called "Service to Additional TV with TV Adaptor"
(page 2, lefthand column, halfway down) for $7.50.  Don't know
if that's what we're talking about.  Nothing else jumps out.
(I should locate a bill and see what they're charging me for. :)

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