[mythtv-users] Ceton vs multirec questions

Per Hatlevik jakeisawake at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 03:54:41 UTC 2021

I used a ceton and hdhomerun prime for many years and if you are using
cablecard you can't do multirec as far as I know. Maybe the same channel on
a pre/post roll could do multiple recordings but I've never seen that!

With a cable card the card downloads a channelmap so each channel is a
vchannel on it's own frequency and there are no multiplexes like there are

I have been only OTA since 2016 so maybe I am dating myself!

PS the olympics in 2016 basically KILLED my ceton eth 6 recording Olympics
on 6 tuners basically 24x7 for two weeks. Put a fan on it!

On Tue, Jul 27, 2021, 10:26 PM <f-myth-users at media.mit.edu> wrote:

> I'm trying out a Ceton 6ETH on a brand-new v31 backend, into which I've
> imported data from a very old backend.  I created all six tuners for
> the card and it seems to be working.  But I've noticed something odd
> and haven't been successful at finding relevant messages or web pages.
> [Searching for mythtv, ceton, and either multirec or reclimit are
> finding very little.]
> After a few hours of letting it record things, I noticed that MythWeb
> suddenly claims I have 10 tuners, and some of the numbers repeat.
> (They're not exactly in order, either.)  I wasn't watching it like a
> hawk, so I don't know when they appeared, and they're clearly reflected
> in the capturecard table as well if I look at it with phpmyadmin or the
> like.  (An earlier copy of the Status page, also still in my browser,
> only claimed 7 tuners, and I missed it when I glanced at it.  But the
> 10th tuner affected the alignment of all the text and that's when I
> noticed and went back and looked at the earlier page in another tab.)
> I'm guessing this is dynamic creation of tuners for multirec.
> (I didn't notice any such setting in mythtv-setup, but it appears
> that each tuner has reclimit = 2 in the table, which I'm assuming
> is the default.)  Since I'm coming from a much, much older version
> of Myth, I hadn't seen this in action before.
> Questions:
> (a) Can Cetons do multirec?  For some reason I thought they couldn't.
> (b) Does this mean (1) a new tuner got created because two different
> streams on the same multiplex were being recorded which overlapped in
> time, or (2) because -the same channel- was being recorded back to back
> (with overlaps, because I have two-minute prerolls and postrolls on
> everything), or both (1) and (2)?  [If both work, I'm delighted.]
> (c) Should I go back into setup, or the table itself, and raise reclimit
> to a much higher value?  If this is record-streams-from-multiplex behavior,
> I don't see a reason not to record as many as exist (if that's what the
> schedule is calling for), except perhaps (1) load issues on the network
> or the backend [which I'll test for], or (2) possibly quadratically-
> or exponentially-bad runtime performance of the scheduler (which I have
> some vague memory of being discussed in years past but may either not
> have existed or may have since been fixed).
> [Note that if I do (c), I can also just clear all the tuners and start
> fresh if that's easier; I'm sure it's the more-recommended approach,
> though mythtv-setup is -so- klunky in setting up these tuners that
> short-circuiting it via mysql is extremely tempting.]
> (d) I recall discussions about tuner numbering etc.  If I'm right about
> the stuff above, and if I raise reclimit a lot, are there any particular
> best practices for naming these tuners, or even preemptively creating
> database entries for them, to make it more obvious what's going on?
> [Since they're all identical, I don't care which might get used first
> for LiveTV, so I don't care about that ordering, and I only use LiveTV
> about once a quarter or so for minute or two if I'm testing something,
> so it's not a priority anyway.]
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