[mythtv-users] Mythtv on Rock Pi X

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Thu Jan 14 22:44:41 UTC 2021

> On 15 Jan 2021, at 1:04 am, Paul Gardiner <lists at glidos.net> wrote:
> I've been using one of these as frontend for a few months now: https://store.minisforum.com/collections/intel%C2%AE-celeron%C2%AE-series/products/minisforum-n40-mini-pc  Very pleased with it. Has played everything I've thrown at it flawlessly, including UK BBC 1080i, which can be problematic on some setups.

Paul ta.
I'm not looking at low cost I'm looking at really smooth playback.
From what I see this hardware is the same as UDOO
(I was not spashing $$, it was for a job)
If so the video is definitly acceptable, but not outstanding. I also do not want a Boeing on my table!

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