[mythtv-users] Clock widgit in Watch Videos screen using Mythbuntu

Tom Dexter digitalaudiorock at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 17:17:39 UTC 2021

I'm running MythTV 29.1 and use the Mythbuntu theme. One thing I
should note up front because this may be relevant: I don't use any
video meta data and use the video stuff in directory browse mode only.

One thing that's always bugged me is that the Watch Videos screen is
the only screen I use that doesn't have the current date/time at all.
All others have that in the lower right. I'd love to figure out how to
hack the theme to show that if possible.

Once I got looking at though I'm mostly confused. As far as I can tell
the xml file driving that (under the mythtv users
~/.mythtv/themes/Mythbuntu directory) appears to be video-ui.xml. I
see that there is in fact a clock widget in there within the "browser"
window element:

        <clock name="clock">
            <template>%DATE%, %TIME%</template>

Again though, there's current time displaying there. Anyone have any
ideas on that one? Again, it's possible that this is a side affect of
using browse mode. Thanks!


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