[mythtv-users] Mythtv on Rock Pi X

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Thu Jan 14 03:20:58 UTC 2021

> On 14 Jan 2021, at 10:39 am, Calvin Dodge <caldodge at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been looking around for suitable low power frontend systems which
> can do HD video and involve minimal effort to setup (i.e., I can use
> the distro I have been using).  I have some existing ECS Liva systems,
> but they fail a bit at a time until they die, and 2G of RAM isn't
> enough for sustained usage, especially when editing recordings to
> ready them for clipping. Typically Mythfrontend grabs a little more
> memory, then a little more, until kswapd goes to 100% CPU, and I have
> to power-cycle the frontend.
> I heard recently about the Rock Pi X, an X86 single board computer
> with the same size and port locations as a Raspberry Pi, so I thought
> I'd give it a try.
> I opted for the 4G board with 32G of onboard MMC storage ($75).  Of
> course, I had to add a case with heat sink and power supply, bringing
> the total to around $132.  That doesn't include an RTC battery (on
> order), which isn't necessary, but still handy to let the system
> retain its CMOS settings and RTC time when no power is connected.
> I installed Fedora 33 on it (using the LXDE spin), and the latest
> version of MythTV from the rpmfusion site.
> So far it's working great.  When I'm playing a 1080p MP4, CPU usage is
> about 33%.  I even tested it on my 4K monitor with 1080p video, and it
> ran without any noticeable hesitations (the controls were a little
> sluggish, which is understandable).
> The only caveat I have is that AFTER I had bought everything,
> including a CanaKit 5V 3A power supply, I noticed the WIki site
> (https://wiki.radxa.com/RockpiX) had a stern warning against running
> the system with a 5v-only power supply, stating that it could cause
> problems when the system is under load.  But so far it's working for
> me.  I'll let you know if that continues to be the case.

Calvin thanks.
I must try my X to see if that runs OK. In general the RockPI 4 is noticably quicker than the X.
(I edited a video clip on the X and on my macbook (6core i7)

On the X cut and render using shotcut took 68 min. On my mac it took 4 min. Somewhat disheartened.

but on https://www.explainingcomputers.com/rockpi4.html he shows quit nice 4K rendering.
The short case is easy, the full case I tried 50 times and suceesed 1. (and I left off the RTC battery so it was back to step 1
Here’s a picture

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