[mythtv-users] 6.6 Short Schedule

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Apr 13 15:23:33 UTC 2021

On 04/13/2021 09:48 AM, Barry Martin wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> The schedule for a new OTA station locally (U.S.) is only displaying a 
> schedule of about a day’s worth. Robert at SchedulesDirect verified 
> they are putting out the full thirteen days. It would therefore appear 
> I have the EIT option turned on but AFAIK I do not: tuner is the 
> Hauppauge 1609, all tuners appear. The Backend’s OS is Ubuntu 18.04, 
> MythTV is version 30. All the other stations display a full schedule.
> To check on the ‘maybe EIT’ I just went to SchedulesDirect to 
> temporarily turn off receiving the data for this specific station. 
> (I’m thinking EIT isn’t the way data is sneaking in as there is a 
> another station at 8.5 for which SchedulesDirect has no information 
> yet [in progress] and I’m not getting schedule data [Guide lists the 
> station at 8.5 but always ‘Unknown’ as opposed to 6.6 will display 
> about 12 or so hours of listings then ‘Unknown’.)
> I have no idea what log to look at, or where; there are no error 
> messages on the ‘Listing Status’ screen. Looking at ‘View Logs’ via 
> the webpage ( I see a blank page – either no logs to 
> view or something configured wrong.
> The only thing I did differently from the other stations was scan on 
> the fourth tuner only. (Hauppauge 1609 has four tuners.)

You can disable EIT on the video source (which will disable it on all 
channels in the video source, regardless of whether they're marked as 
enabled), on the channels individually, or on the capture cards.  Since 
you're using Schedules Direct as the listings provider for this video 
source, you should disable it for the entire video source.

Note, too, that your lack of data probably indicates that you have a 
problem with the listings configuration associating the channel with the 
guide data since EIT will only overwrite or add data--not remove future 
data.  Therefore, your good Schedules Direct data never makes it in for 
that channel.  This also means that you could well have EIT enabled on 
the other channels on the video source and it may be stomping all over 
the good Schedules Direct data.  So disabling EIT on the video source 
would actually solve this issue as well.



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