[mythtv-users] Slave backend storage

DaveD mythtv at guiplot.com
Wed Oct 21 15:04:46 UTC 2020

On 10/21/20 3:31 AM, John wrote:
> On 21/10/2020 10:32, Mike Perkins wrote:
>> I have a scheduling conflict coming up with no obvious way around it.
>> My first thought was to dig out one of my old USB Hauppauge tuners 
>> and make up a new source that could be used to cover the issue, but 
>> then I didn't really want to spend time tampering with the Master 
>> backend and possibly upset something, all for a temporary fix.
>> So, the next idea was an ad hoc slave backend. I have a spare box I 
>> can use - in fact it is an old master backend box - but the question 
>> of what to do with the storage comes up.
>> I would rather store the video files on the MBE. Since the video 
>> directories on the MBE are already shared over NFS, that would seem 
>> the simplest solution. The alternative is local storage, but then 
>> when I decommission the SBE I'd have to move the vidoes; no biggy but 
>> the MBE might get confused when the SBE disappears.
>> Are there any rules out there how this would work? Problems? 
>> Suggestions?
> There are no problems storing the slaves recordings on a shared folder 
> on the master backend, If 'Master Backend' override is set they are 
> directly accessible to the master whether the slave is present or not. 
> The address must resolve to the same place on both sides. The slave 
> uses the master's setting for the recording directories.
We have a slave backend (and RFE) that only gets turned on when there is 
a need for it (conflict) and it is configured as Mike describes, with 
both machines having the same path to the storage directories, the slave 
being through NFS to the MBE.  The MBE doesn't seem to care if the slave 
is there or not (although I suspect the mythfrontend startup time on the 
MBE may be affected, but it varies hugely due to unknown factors, but 
that's another topic).  Our SBE uses a cable box, though, and provides 
another "tuner" that can not be simply added to the MBE.  If you have 
another tuner, why not just add it and leave it?  (There will be another 
conflict some day.)  Or, once configured, that SBE could be like ours; 
just turn it on when needed.  What's one more system to support during 
upgrades, eh?

Dave D.

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