[mythtv-users] Version 30 bugs

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 22:48:10 UTC 2020

On 20/03/2020 15:01, DaveD wrote:
> I recently upgraded my Fedora system and with it MythTV from 29 to 30. 
> Two things are broken.  The first is that  FF/REW will crash the 
> frontend if I'm not careful with it (press the buttons too fast, 
> especially reversing while going fast, sticky keys on). The other is 
> mythcommflag.  It seems to hang on certain shows, no errors, no crash, 
> just never finishes.  Then, other shows don't get done (I guess) due to 
> the one that's hung.  I just found about 8 processes sitting there, the 
> oldest was three days old.  (I got about 4G of RAM back when I killed 
> them).
> Anyone heard of these?  One thing I've thought about is the fact that 
> I've been upgrading Myth over quite a few versions (don't remember when 
> I started, but maybe 18-is?) and I've never started from scratch.  Might 
> there be old settings hanging around in my database that are 
> incompatible with the new versions?  (FF/REW got really crapping in V29, 
> BTW.  Tends to over/undershoot by 20-30 seconds when I go back to play, 
> and I have to use it a lot because commercial flagging also degraded.)
> Any way, I thought I might just dump the database and start over. If I 
> do that, can I import all of my recordings and get all the info back? 
> Will I loose all the previous recordings info or can that be imported, 
> too?  Is there a page with a procedure I can follow?
> Thanks for any thoughts.
> Dave D.

It sounds as if you don't want to watch commercials.  I agree with the 
comment that FF/REW is perhaps not the best way to avoid them, but have 
you tried the video editor?

With that you can quickly and easily place accurate cutpoints that will 
take effect during later playings.  I use the keyboard, and find the 
process much less daunting than the detailed writeup suggests - but it's 
not something to be done during a group viewing session.


John P

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