[mythtv-users] need help with station rescan after frequency change

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 15:25:58 UTC 2020

Hi Jim!

> Last year all but one of my local OTA TV stations changed frequencies as a
> part of the FCC repacking of the USA OTA channels.
> Today the last one switched.   I can't remember exactly what I did last
> year, but I remember it was simple. I tried on my development v31 FE/BE
> combo to make sure I had it right before I did anything with my production
> backend.
> I failed on the initial test.  All I did was use mythtv-setup and in the
> input connections I did a scan and updated all channels. I still could not
> receive the channel that moved.

What I had done here with the various repacks in eastern Iowa was to do 
a channel scan, which did find the new channels. The last one was sort 
of a fake-out: I assumed they would switch at 12:00 midnight, they 
didn’t update until 12 noon, so my morning scan didn’t come up with 
anything new.

Scanning later and with earlier packings did come up with new channels 
but the original one was still present and this is the channel MythTV 
was looking it, though now dead air. The scan did create “Channel 1”, 
“Channel 2”, etc., which as the newly found repack stations. Deleted the 
old, edited the new, everything works. Found out later the proper way to 
do is delete the old/original channels, do your scan, and the newly 
located stations will be (should be!) properly inserted.

Another possibility is the transmitter physically moved. Here when the 
repack occurred “Channel 6” moved their transmitter from the Orion IL 
Antenna Farm about 15 miles SSE of the house to the antenna farm about 4 
miles NE of the house, so effectively ‘behind the antenna’. Perhaps this 
is why you are not obtaining the new stations.



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