[mythtv-users] Repairing corrupt recordings with dd

DaveD mythtv at guiplot.com
Tue Jun 23 14:21:33 UTC 2020

A while back (few weeks?) someone posted info about a technique to strip 
the first few megabytes from the beginning of a recording using dd.  It 
involved a discussion about the new video rendering system crashing the 
frontend (or casing decoder errors) on recordings where the format 
changes soon after the recording starts.  I swear I saved that message 
somewhere because I have a lot of those (thanks to Comcast and my 
firewire recordings) but I'll be dipped if I can find it.  I've searched 
the archives, too, with no luck.  I could probably figure it our from 
the dd man page, but thought I'd ask for a re-post of that info since 
it's a tried and tested method.  Thanks,

Dave D.

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