[mythtv-users] Methods of view Mythtv recordings on new PC

jam jam at tigger.ws
Mon Jun 8 02:55:26 UTC 2020

> On 7 Jun 2020, at 7:53 pm, James Abernathy <jfabernathy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Unfortunately, I'm locked into software that only runs on either Mac or Windows, but my goal is to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. I think I have an empty SSD slot inside the laptop, so that might be the way to do it. My Macs are too old but who can afford new Apple hardware.  So the Dell will satisfy my needs but I have some desires that I'd like to add.  When I travel I need to work on the road including managing mythtv.
> Kodi serves as a decent player. But mythfrontend is the best.  I guess dual boot will happen sooner than later.

Why not run win10 in a VM


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