[mythtv-users] The historical roots of our computer terms

TimP mythtv at corky.co
Sat Jun 6 19:01:33 UTC 2020

On 2020-06-06 13:41, Ian Evans wrote:

> Food for thought from the co-author of OAuth and oEmbed. How easy would it be for MythTV menus and docs to refer to primary and secondary backends for example?  
> Leah Culver (@leahculver) tweeted at 11:32 PM on Fri, Jun 05, 2020:
> I refuse to use "whitelist"/"blacklist" or "master"/"slave" terminology for computers. Join me. Words matter.
> (https://twitter.com/leahculver/status/1269109776983547904?s=03)

Agree with the whielist/blacklist removal but master slave isn't a race
thing with me. My ancient ancestors were probably slaves to the Romans
and my animals are definiteley my slaves. 

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