[mythtv-users] v31 - MacOS Playback - Quarter Screen Issue on Retina - Resolved

John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 20:17:23 UTC 2020

> I'm still trying to understand why on the High Sierra frontend, regardless
> of which build I use, I can't get rid of the Mac OS menu bar at the top of
> the screen, either for the gui or playback.  I've been through every
> setting in Appearance.

I noticed that too during testing.  I did notice that if I launch the app
and wait (i.e. don't change to anything else, just double click and wait
the LONG wait) the menu bar goes away.  No clue how to fix it - it would
require some deeper knowledge of how mythtv renders and tells the OS that
the app goes full screen.  If it really bothers you, I'd suggest opening a
ticket in trac (https://code.mythtv.org/trac).

On Catalina, none of these issues occur.

> Am I correct in assuming that only the files in the "Catalina" folder were
> built with 10.15, and everything else was built with 10.13?

I tried to annotate the sourceforge readme.md to help clear this up -
anything in the top level are built with High Sierra, anything in the
Catalina folder are built on Catalina (unless I screw up the upload which
can happen :) ).

Additionally, if you download a file and want to make sure you have the
right version, the compile script automatically puts the OS version in the
.dmg filename - so anything with a "10.13" in the filename was compiled on
High Sierra, anything compiles on Catalina has a 10.15 in the filename.
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