[mythtv-users] Backend DB migration--replace or just restore?

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 18:23:06 UTC 2020

On 7/26/20 2:02 PM, DryHeat122 wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 10:49 AM James Abernathy 
> <jfabernathy at gmail.com <mailto:jfabernathy at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         [snip]
>         > Bill thanks for all the advice.  I'm really grateful.  I
>         have started over just to get back to square one and undo
>         anything I have screwed up.
>         > I have two questions about xmltv I will post on the other
>         thread.  Re installation:  Should I run everything--i.e.
>         mythtv-setup, xmltv
>         > config--as user mythtv rather than as user steve?  I'm
>         thinking the answer is yes and this is where I started
>         developing problems before.
>         mythtv-setup is always to be run as user mythtv, but in
>         reality, it probably isn't. In the past, that meant that
>         things like Storage Directories can't be read and the tests
>         for them fail (if proper 'normal' permissions were
>         used.)
>         XMLTV adds a new reason for that. But I didn't use it, rather
>         did the configuration from the command line.
>         And in that case also ran it as user mythtv.
>         Being practical, or perhaps lazy/forgetful, I added a line in
>         my .bashrc so I can run mythfilldatabase
>         without thinking too hard:
>            alias mfdbrun='sudo --login --user=mythtv mythfilldatabase'
>         -- 
>         Bill
>     Here's my problem with trying to run mythtv-setup as user
>     'mythtv'.  I just confirmed this on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 system. 
>     When the Ubuntu system was installed the initial user was 'jim'. 
>     The mythtv install created the 'mythtv' user but it is not a
>     normal login user so to run mythtv-setup as 'mythtv' I had to give
>     user 'mythtv' a password.  If I do that I have to logout and back
>     in as user 'mythtv' and run mythtv-setup otherwise I get some
>     xhost error.
>     When you exit. mythtv-setup, it  asks to start the backend and if
>     you say yes, it asks for a password which will not work with user
>     'mythtv' unless you've added mythtv to the sudo group.
>     To avoid all these issues, while user jim, I just sudo su mythtv
>     and create the recordings directory with mkdir
>     /home/mythtv/recordings and then it has the right permissions. 
>     While I'm there I set up XMLTV since I'm user mythtv. Once that's
>     done I exit back to user jim and run mythtv-setup.
>     Never had a problem. However if I have to run mythfilldatabase
>     manually, I sudo su mythtv and then run it.
>     JIm A
> OK so, just to make sure I understand the advice and I am getting 
> consistent advice....do run xmltv config as mythtv, but run 
> mythtv-setup as steve, not mythtv.  Right?  And also I should make 
> sure the permissions on my video storage directory permit mythtv as well.
First let me say that we all have ways that work for us.  I'm no 
developer and I don't play one on TV.  However, I've been using mythtv 
for a really long time and have developed a process that works for me. 
First since I observe Ubuntu as the Linux of choice for mythtv, that's 
what I use.  When I install I create the initial user as me, 'jim'.

After mythtv is installed I know the backend will run as user 'mythtv'  
and since the backend kicks off mythfilldatabase everyday then it will 
be run as user 'mythtv'.  So I need my directories that the backend uses 
for recordings, etc. to have the right permissions. Hence the sudo su 
mythtv before I do the mkdirs for the backend files.

As to XMLTV.  the wiki says to run it as user 'mythtv' and that is what 
I do. And by doing this I don't need a bunch of links to keep it working 
a user 'jim'

As to mythtv-setup, since it needs to run with 'X' because of it's gui, 
the easiest why is to run it as the initial user; 'jim' for me. 
mythtv-setup also needs to be run by a user that is a part of the sudo 
group (definitely in v31). Again easiest way is to run as initial user; 
'jim' for me.

As to mythfilldatabase, it needs to be run as user 'mythtv' if run 
manually.  However, during installation, after I complete mythtv-setup 
and XMLTV, I just reboot.  That starts up mythtv-backend and after a few 
minutes, mythfilldatabase seems to start on it's own.  If nothing 
populates in the EPG after 10 minutes, I "sudo su mythtv" and then run 

Jim A

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