[mythtv-users] HDHomerun tuners in mythtv v31

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 08:56:05 UTC 2020

On 7/24/20 4:30 AM, Mike Perkins wrote:
> On 24/07/2020 00:13, James Abernathy wrote:
>> I noticed when I add an HDHomerun tuner in V31 mythtv-setup I pick which
>> HDHR physical device I want by IP and I seem to be able to select all of
>> them it finds on the network.
>> So I'm guessing that if I want to have 6 tuners available I can create 6
>> tuners in mythtv-setup and select the IP for my HDHR Quatro and Duo. 
>> I also
>> deselect the Active EIT scanning so the tuners are not constantly in use
>> since I'm using XMLTV EPG.
>> I'm guessing it creates a  pool of tuners to select from, and at record
>> time if one is busy it moves on to another tuner either on the same 
>> device
>> or the next HDHR.
>> If all the HDHR devices are connected to the same OTA antenna and 
>> receive
>> the same channels then only one SchedulesDirect Video Source using a 
>> grabber is needed.
>> I'll need 6 Input connections matching the Video source to the tuners.
>> I also increase the number of simultaneous recordings to 2. I think this
>> helps if I'm recording back to back shows on the same channel with one
>> recording overlapping the other by a minute or so. I think this saves a
>> physical tuner.
>>> From what I understand because mythtv v31 uses the TCP communication 
>>> method
>> instead of the older UDP method of talking to the HDHR, as long as the
>> maximum number of tuners don't exceed 6 in my case, other devices 
>> like an
>> iPad running the HDHR app will all share without issue.
>> So do I have this understanding about Mythtv v31 and HDHR right??
>> My testing says it does, but it's a lot of testing to confirm all of 
>> this.
> It would make sense to increase your simultaneous number to more than 
> two. Two is fine if you just want to allow for overlapping recordings 
> on the same channel, but remember that a single multiplex can have 
> many channels. If you have two overlapping recordings on channel A, 
> for example, 2 simultaneous won't permit you to record something else 
> on channel B.
> It is possible that the "group" feature in V31 may make this 
> unnecessary but until V31 is fully functional I would err on the side 
> of caution.
> I'm currently running an OTA HDHR duo with my multirec set to 4.
I recently went into mythtv-setup on my production system and deleted 
all tuners and setup my Hauppauge WinTV HD Quad and SiliconDust 
HDHR5-4US again and noticed that for both tuner devices all input 
connections were already set to "Schedule as a Group" as a default. So 
if the latest documentation is correct, then it didn't matter that I had 
Max Recordings increased to 2 since that parameter is ignored with 
"Schedule as a Group" set.

It's more important to have a lot of tuners now that we depend on Mythtv 
for Live OTA TV as well as recording, since we have no "cable" or 
"satellite" TV anymore.

Jim A

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