[mythtv-users] mythtv v31 slave backend help needed

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 13:25:31 UTC 2020

> When I look at my leanfront screen at the top level I see a list of 
> items along the left of:
> All, Default, LiveTV, and Videos.
> When I select Videos now I see a list of items along the left of:
> Folder symbol with no title, Folder symbol with title "The Big Bang 
> Theory", and folder symbol with title "Hogan's Heroes"
> The two folders with names are from 
> /mnt/md1/samba/public/media/tv-shows/  and the titles are sub-folders
> The blank folder are videos from either remote backend 
> /srv/mythtv/videos or master backend /mnt/md1/samba/public/media/test 
> videos/
> Note the space between "test videos"
> One more note. The file counts under the folders is interesting.  The 
> blank named folder has 6, and if you move the cursor over and count 
> you do have 6 so that's correct.  The Folder named The Big Bang Theory 
> has 172 with agrees with what Windows says using file explorer which 
> also mounts that directory.
> However, the folder named Hogan's Heroes says 336 files but there are 
> 168 files in that directory.
> Jim A


more testing on the folder name issue.  Noticing that in my Videos -> TV 
Shows directory I had another directory for each show, I duplicated that 
for test videos. Now I have a directory structure like: test 
videos/Various Videos.

So now Leanfront -> Videos show one folder for each TV show as it did 
before but now there is a Various Videos directory with all my test videos.

There is still a blank folder on the left side, but that only contains 
the videos from my remote/slave backend videos directory.

The file count is still off on Hogan's Heroes directory: 168 files 
Leanfront count is 336, which is double.  I know 168 is because all 
Hogan's Heroes fans know there where 168 episodes recorded back in the 
60's. Also Ubuntu's properties displays 168 for items in the folder.

Jim A

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