[mythtv-users] v31 - MacOS Playback - Quarter Screen Issue on Retina - Resolved

John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 23:33:03 UTC 2020

> Using the SAME dmg, instead of running from the downloaded dmg I
> installed, then ran in a terminal to get a trace and it worked.perfectly.
> Perhaps I was just stupid somewhere, but my feedback was spurios noise,
> sorry, and a huge thankyou for all your efforts.

Strange - I wouldn't expect the older version to work.  I had copied in the
MythTV python module to that one, but the app wasn't setup correctly to
find it in the python3.8 I copied in.   The new dmg fixes this by adding a
symlink internal to the app from python3.8->python2.6 (a packaging hack
until my new ticket gets resolved...)

You may have the MyhTV module copied to somewhere else on your system.

Glad it's working for you!  Agree that mythtv is starting up slow on both
linux (ubuntu in my case) and MacOS.  I'd suggest running with the "-v
all,nodatabase" flag to get more output while you try to track down
whatever is being slow to load.
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