[mythtv-users] Any words of advice for installing MythTV on CentOS 7

ajp at cantabrian.co.nz ajp at cantabrian.co.nz
Fri Jun 21 08:15:29 UTC 2019



I am about to do a clean install of Myth on CentOS 7, so looking at either
Myth 0.29 or 0.30.


Hunting around the mail list archives and Google there is not much recently
on CentOS/RedHat installs of MythTV. It wouldn't matter but the most recent
stuff I can find seems a few years old, with the www.mythtv.org page being
dated 2015 and Myth has moved quite a bit since then in terms of
dependencies and so on.


So if there is a good installer guide out there that's great, but not
expecting that, it is an open source community project after all.


Just looking for any tips, which RPM repo is best, any particular
suggestions 0.29/0.30 that kind of thing, important dependencies etc. ?


Thanks in advance.



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