[mythtv-users] Avoid kernel 5.1.x if you use an HD-PVR

Rick rick at laity.ca
Mon Jun 17 02:13:04 UTC 2019

On 6/16/2019 9:48 PM, Keith Pyle wrote:
> We recently installed kernel 5.1.8 on our Myth backend and encountered a 
> hard deadlock in the hdpvr driver.  (It also happens on 5.1.10.)  It is 
> very reproducible and requires nothing more than reading from the HD-PVR 
> (normal capture), even with cat. The process reading from the HD-PVR 
> becomes unkillable.  A reboot is required to restore use.
> Some initial investigation suggests that there is a mutex deadlock in 
> the hdpvr code.  I've posted a report on the linux-media mailing list 
> asking for assistance.
> Myth users with an HD-PVR may wish to avoid upgrading to a 5.1 kernel 
> for a bit.  There are no pending patches that we could find, so higher 
> kernel versions likely have the same problem at this time.  I don't yet 
> know exactly which kernel introduced the problem, only that 4.1.13 does 
> not show this problem.

I'm using 5.1.8-300.fc30.x86_64 on mythtv 30 without any trouble. I have 
an hd-pvr master and slave with android frontend.


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