[mythtv-users] LINHES setup confusion

Marvin Match mvmatch at ece.utah.edu
Mon Jun 10 17:38:57 UTC 2019

Gave up fighting to make MythTV run on Xubuntu and decided to try LINHES.

LINHES is promoted as being an appliance that can be up and running in 
20 minutes, but coming from MythBuntu and using Jarod Wilson's guide for 
running on Fedora, I find the LINHES distro to be confusing.


I can't seem to figure out where in the setup I can enter my login and 
password for Schedules Direct. I would expect to find it in 
mythtv-setup/settings/Video Sources, and I can select Schedules Direct 
there, but exactly where do I enter my Schedules Direct login and password?


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