[mythtv-users] Metadata lookup for tv series in videos issues

Jay Harbeston (ISeePeople) jharbestonus at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 15:24:37 UTC 2019

I am having some ‘fun’ with metadata lookup for tv series in videos.

The files for the series are named as  ‘Title - S01E03.m4v’  as an example.

When I tell the frontend to update the video list, the title, season and episode are populated with the information as above.

What is happening is that the first time I do a retrieve of data, the inetref gets populated and a generic description for the series populates the plot field.

When I do a retrieve the 2nd time, the title of the episode is populated, but the description for the episode is not updated.

I checked thetvdb.com and the correct description for the episodes are available.

Does anyone have any hints what debug command line info I need to use for troubleshooting?  

Also, I am wondering why the retrieve update would need to be done 2x.


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