[mythtv-users] BE3 - Issues with installation and database

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 19:49:52 UTC 2019

Hi Stephen!

OK, that looks like I have all the information I need. BE2 has 2.5 
Tbytes of recordings that you want moved to BE3. There is only one 
recording partition each on BE2 and BE3. So the setup is quite simple.

    Good! You’re doing a lot of work for me which I greatly appreciate
    and would feel guilty if gets too complicated.

I can now write a version of mythexport that will create a .sql file 
with all the data for each of the recordings on BE3 and store it in the 
same directory as the recording files. Then we need to get that 
directory copied or moved to BE3 and run mythimport from it on BE3. My 
plan is to have the special mythexport version run in the recording 
directory on BE2, and it will simply take a list of all the recording 
files in that directory (*.mpg, *.ts and *.nuv) and for each of those 
files, it will run mysqldump with the right commands to export all the
database entries matching that recording (from these tables: recorded, 
recordedseek, recordedrating, recordedprogram, recordedmarkup and 

    Probably does not make any difference but I only have *.ts
    recordings in (BE2’s) /data3/mythtv/recordings., along with the
    associated *.png files.

The only thing really left to decide is that 2.5 Tbytes will take a very 
long time to move to a new drive, either directly between drives or over 
Ethernet. The easiest way to get all those recordings onto BE3 is simply 
to take that drive out of BE2 and install it on BE3, then import the 
data for the recordings into BE3's database. The files are never moved, 
and BE3 then has a lot more space for future recordings.

    Agree would be a lot faster using SATA (6 Gbps?) but I have a
    mechanical issue swapping hard drives and would need to remove the
    motherboard. Will just have to transfer via the network and be patient.

If you want to keep using BE2 to record, then the recording files will 
need to be copied or moved to BE3's drive, which has enough space for 
them all plus what is already there. Given how much data there is to
be moved, it is going to take a day or more. So you will likely want to 
have BE3 (and maybe also BE2) doing recordings at the same time. That is 
a bit more complicated, but I do have code that can detect when the next 
recording time is going to be, and stop a copy or move that is in 
progress before that time. So it should be possible to expand that code 
a bit so that it will check both BE2 and BE3 for the next recording time 
and will stop if either of them need to record.

    You are one smart cookie y’know! :)

    Probably already considered and accounted for but will ask anyway.
    What happens if there is a power failure? Both BE2 and BE3 and the
    network hardware between are on UPSs so a short term outage is
    resolved here, just considering the one the middle of last month
    where didn’t have power for 2½ hours. Very rare situation, but
    always a possibility.

All of the recording files on BE2 that were being moved would be put in 
a special new directory that was in a new storage group on BE2, not 
"Default". That prevents new BE2 recordings from being put into that 
directory, and would allow the copy/move software to work without having 
to handle the problem of new files appearing. The copying or moving 
would use a network connection to copy or move the BE2 files to BE3, and 
as it completed the copy or move of a file, it would move that recording 
out of the current BE2 directory to yet another one that you would 
create that was also in BE2's new storage group, where BE2 could see it 
but the copy/move program would not see it any more.

    Wow! :) I almost have the feeling my power failure question is
    resolved by that.

    Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this!


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