[mythtv-users] TrueHD titles causing video judder

Neil Salstrom salstrom at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 19:07:04 UTC 2019

I've recently noticed that bluray titles (ripped to .mkv) will have
significant video juddering / skipping when the TrueHD audio track is
used.  Switching to the 5.1 track will stop the judder.  I don't see
any issue when playing something with other high resolution audio
formats (DTS-MA).

I've set the audio read ahead from the default 100ms to 500ms and saw no change.

I'm using a Nvidia GT 430 and driver version 340.107.

Mythtv version (compiled myself):

mythfrontend --version
Please attach all output as a file in bug reports.
MythTV Version : v30.0-68-ge094a02017
MythTV Branch : fixes/30
Network Protocol : 91
Library API : 30.20181231-1
QT Version : 5.9.5
Options compiled in:
 linux profile use_hidesyms using_alsa using_pulse using_backend
using_bdjava using_bindings_perl using_bindings_python
using_bindings_php using_dvb using_frontend using_hdhomerun using_vbox
using_libcrypto using_libdns_sd using_libfftw3 using_libxml2
using_lirc using_mheg using_opengl using_opengl_video
using_opengl_themepainter using_qtwebkit using_qtscript using_qtdbus
using_taglib using_v4l2 using_x11 using_xnvctrl using_xnvctrl_external
using_libbluray_external using_xrandr using_xv using_profiletype
using_bdjava using_bindings_perl using_bindings_python
using_bindings_php using_fontconfig using_freetype2
using_mythtranscode using_opengl using_vaapi2 using_vdpau
using_ffmpeg_threads using_mheg using_libass using_libxml2

Log file from a play back with playback,audio flagged:


In this log there are two playbacks.  The first (using Shazam) is
default with TrueHD.  The second time Shazam is played a few seconds
in I switch to the 5.1 track.  The juddering video becomes smooth as
soon as 5.1 is selected.

I've verified this behaviour with several different movies that have
TrueHD and also movies with DTS-MA (and the DTS-MA titles play with no

Has anyone else experienced this?



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