[mythtv-users] Giving up on HDPVR blasting in Ubuntu 18.04. IguanaWorks blaster help!

Justin Alcorn justin at jalcorn.net
Sat Jul 27 16:48:31 UTC 2019

So I gave up trying to get the lirc-kbd-i2c driver working - it just makes
the HDPVR completely unreliable.   The HDPVR is working dine now, but I
have no way to channel change.

I ordered an Iguanaworks USB IR and got it the next day, which was great!
But configuring itust hasn't worked.  I have definintely made a mess of my
kernel drivers in the process.

When I first plugged it in, it recognized it and created the /dev/lirc0.
 I misunderstood the instructions, not realizing the lirc-drv-iguanair
package existed, and started down the path of compiling.

When I finally got the correct package installed, things seemed to be
working.  The tranmitter was able to respond to irsend (I could see the
flashing when I used my phone's camera) but the STB wasn't responding to
anything.  So even though I had a working LIRC blaster cofiguration, I
thought maybe I had to re-create it using irrecord.  So I tried to get that
working...but the Iguanaworks USB wouldn't see my remote at all.

So I tried reconfiguring a few times - and now my kernel won't create the
/dev/lirc0 device, and I can't get anything working.

Ubuntu 18.04 has been a disaster :-(

So I booted on the 4.18.0-15-generic kernel and the /dev/lirc0 device
appeared!   and then I remembered all the talk about the lirc setup being
broken, found the script, uninstalled all the lirc and iguana packages, ran
the script, reinstalled lirc-drv-iguanair and iguanair.

lircd -H '? shows the iguanair driver.  changed the lirc_options.conf to
say driver = defualt, and lirc-setup runs but tells me there's no iguana

Does anyone have a working setup with the Iguana USB being used as a
blaster?  Cna you send me any config files?

Justin B. Alcorn
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