[mythtv-users] hdhomerun pixelation

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 19:16:11 UTC 2019

> I just saw this after I posted my reply. Very interesting, as this
> sounds like it may in fact be the same thing I've experienced with NBC
> out of NYC after they moved. To clarify one thing: I only use the
> command line hdhomerun_config. When everyone refers to "symbol
> quality" is that the same as the "seq" (signal error quality as I've
> always understood) in the command line version?:
> ch=8vsb:605000000 lock=8vsb ss=85 snq=82 seq=100 bps=8390816 pps=797
> If so then what I've seen is in fact that same issue...where that
> drops to 0 on occasion.
> Thanks!
> Tom

Not sure. On the HDHomerun_config_gui it list in the status section:

Physical Channel 8vsb:nn

Signal Strength %

Signal Quality %

Symbol Quality %

On my offending channel the Signal Quality would jump from 90% to 0 and 
back every few seconds.  Then the Symbol Quality would go from 100 to 40 
and back. Signal Strength would stay at 90-100 without any change.

Jim A

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