[mythtv-users] Shield TV mythfrontend issue

Rick rick at laity.ca
Wed Feb 20 20:59:42 UTC 2019

On 2/20/2019 3:38 PM, Jim Abernathy wrote:
> So I'm running mythfrontend-20190216-arm64-v30.0-19-g5100ef5870e.apk on 
> my Shield TV and watching a recorded problem that works well with 
> automatic commercial detection.
> What I noticed was after a skip of 3-4 minutes there was a slight 
> jerkiness. The characters were in correct lip sync, but as a character 
> shook her head to indicate "no" the action was like the head moved at 
> less FPS than normal. The head movement looked like a series of still 
> frames but over the proper time for the movement. As they talked they 
> were in lip sync.
> So I backed up the recording 15 seconds and then paused it for 2 seconds 
> before playing.  This time the picture and lip sync were perfect.
> So at least for me I find that big skips in time mess things up a little 
> and I have to pause for a very short time to fix them. I have not tested 
> this on another mythfrontend. The only other one I have is a Core i7 
> with a Nvidia GT710.  Kodi on a RP3 B+ doesn't have this issue.
> Jim A

I haven't noticed this but I skip commercials manually or by 30 second 
jumps.  Commercial detection isn't good enough for automatic skipping. 
In fact I haven't experienced any problems at all. This is likely 
because I only watch recorded programs and don't watch programs sped up 
so not a good tester. I'm also using the latest android version on 
Nvidia shield. My wife loves the shield frontend, she finds it much 
easier to use.  She would never use the frontend on a separate computer 
by herself but now does with the shield.  Thanks all around for you 
geniuses that are making this a better experience for us.


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