[mythtv-users] Shield TV mythfrontend issue

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 19:38:50 UTC 2019

So I'm running mythfrontend-20190216-arm64-v30.0-19-g5100ef5870e.apk on 
my Shield TV and watching a recorded problem that works well with 
automatic commercial detection.

What I noticed was after a skip of 3-4 minutes there was a slight 
jerkiness. The characters were in correct lip sync, but as a character 
shook her head to indicate "no" the action was like the head moved at 
less FPS than normal. The head movement looked like a series of still 
frames but over the proper time for the movement. As they talked they 
were in lip sync.

So I backed up the recording 15 seconds and then paused it for 2 seconds 
before playing.  This time the picture and lip sync were perfect.

So at least for me I find that big skips in time mess things up a little 
and I have to pause for a very short time to fix them. I have not tested 
this on another mythfrontend. The only other one I have is a Core i7 
with a Nvidia GT710.  Kodi on a RP3 B+ doesn't have this issue.

Jim A

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