[mythtv-users] v30 can anyone tell me is it worth upgrading?

Yeechang Lee ylee at columbia.edu
Thu Feb 14 19:34:39 UTC 2019

Mike Carron <jmcarron at gmx.com> says:
> Personally I'm still using 0.27 on Ubuntu 14.04 for those systems 
> dedicated to TV watching only.

I'm still on 0.26. After backporting a few patches, there are two
flaws/lack of support I notice after recently moving and getting a new
cable provider:

1. A bug in VDA hardware decoding that causes MythFrontend on my Mac to
   freeze at certain points in a h.264 recording when
   skipping. Workaround: Create a playback filter, with top priority,
   that uses Standard (ffmpeg) decoding when a recording is exactly
   1280x720, the resolution all the MPEG4 channels my cable provider
2. Lack of closed captions for h.264 in the aforementioned
   channels. Workaround: None, but I can live without captions in such

I know 2 has since been implemented (backporting it to 0.26 was beyond
my abilities); hopefully 1 has been fixed, but couldn't find a mention
in code.mythtv.org. If it has been that would be incentive for me to

Frontend:		Apple MacBook Pro 2012 2.6GHz with 1TB SSD
Backend:		HP Microserver N40L 1.5GHz with 4x3TB HDDs
Tuners:			Three from CableCARD plus two over-the-air

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