[mythtv-users] installing mythfrontend apk on Shield TV

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 14:49:30 UTC 2019

What is the proper way of installing the mythfrontend APK on a Shield TV?

I've done it with the version pointed to by the Android Mythtv wiki but 
I have not been able to upgrade it with install -r option. I have to 
uninstall it and then reinstall.

Not sure if that is the same problem I'm encountering with a version of 
the APK I built from source.  That error is:

adb install -r mythfrontend-20190205-arm64-v30.0-13-g1c2068c62b.apk
Failed to install mythfrontend-20190205-arm64-v30.0-13-g1c2068c62b.apk: 
org.mythtv.mythfrontend signatures do not match the previously installed 
version; ignoring!]

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