[mythtv-users] channel4 hd has no eit

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Mon Dec 30 09:14:46 UTC 2019

On Sun, 29 Dec 2019 16:19:01 +0000, you wrote:

>For reasons unknown, Channel 4 HD does not appear to have EIT beyond the
>program currently being broadcast. I have tried doing a rescan and this
>didn' t fix things. I confirm I can "watch TV" and see Channel 4 HD without
>problems. So the questions:
>1) What should I do to get EIT for Channel 4 HD?
>2) While things aren' t working, is it possible for me to schedule a
>recording based on the Channel 4 EIT and then edit it to say it should
>record from Channel 4 HD instead? I was not able to find a way to do that
>from the regular interface.

You may need to copy the Channel 4 EPG data to Channel 4 HD.  Which is
difficult if you are getting the data from the internal mythbackend
EIT scanning.  My suggestion would be to use some SQL to copy the
data, and then run that as a script several times a day from cron. You
would also need to turn off the EIT EPG collection for Channel 4 HD.

The SQL would go something like this:

use mythconverg;
channel4hd_id=select chanid from channel where name='Channel 4 HD';
channel4_id=select chanid from channel where name='Channel 4';
create table program_copy like program;
insert into program_copy (select * from program where
update program_copy set chanid=channel4hd_id;
delete * from program where chanid=channel4hd_id;
insert into program (select * from program_copy);
drop table program_copy;

Note that the above is completely untested!

Your bash script that runs the SQL would need to also do this:

mythutil --resched

after the EPG data is copied to make sure the scheduler sees the new
EPG data.  It would be best to get cron to run the script away from
the times that programs normally start recording.  So if running it
hourly, run it at say at 9 minutes past the hour.  If something is
going to start recording on Channel 4 HD at the time the script runs,
it may not record due to all the Channel 4 HD EPG data being deleted
for a short time.  If you want to make a more complicated script, it
could check for the next recording time for a Channel 4 HD program and
make sure the script did not run at that time.

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