[mythtv-users] Setting up CEC remote for Raspberry PI 4B for Mythtv-light

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Mon Aug 26 16:55:15 UTC 2019

On 8/26/19 11:46 AM, James Abernathy wrote:
> On 8/26/19 8:56 AM, Jay Harbeston wrote:
>>> On Aug 26, 2019, at 5:37 AM, James Abernathy <jfabernathy at gmail.com> 
>>> wrote:
>>> On 8/25/19 11:12 AM, Peter Bennett wrote:
>>>> On 8/24/19 3:56 PM, James Abernathy wrote:
>>>>> Now that I have my Mythtv combo FE/BE working, I’m moving it to my 
>>>>> RV where my TV is a Sony 1080P HD with CEC support.
>>>>> Without configuring anything The Sony remote works for the 
>>>>> Directional arrows. But the Select button in the middle of the 
>>>>> arrows doesn’t work along with the Stop and play button.
>>>>> I assume all I need to do is use mythfrontend Setup -> Edit Keys 
>>>>> to setup the non-functioning buttons??
>>>> Yes - that is the way to do it, but you may find some buttons are 
>>>> not detected at all. Unfortunately many buttons are not passed 
>>>> though by some TVs. Also the CEC response is sometimes very slow 
>>>> with Raspberry pi 2 and 3. Maybe it is better with pi 4.
>>> Thanks, I got the select, stop, pause and play buttons working along 
>>> with the arrows, so that's all I need.
>>> You are right about the slowness of the CEC response. For my 
>>> application it's works and it better than rigging yet another remote
>>> Jim A
>> I am using the following occasionally on my RPis and it works well. 
>> Good thing is it has a qwerty keyboard on the backside of the remote 
>> and works like a regular keyboard. No LIRC drivers or any other 
>> ‘funny business’.
>> https://www.amazon.com/Favormates-Wireless-Keyboard-Infrared-Raspberry/dp/B01N0SUUZS/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=favormates+air+remote&qid=1566824147&s=gateway&sr=8-3 
>> Regards!
> Thanks,
> At $14.99 you can't go wrong.  Just bought one, should be here 
> tomorrow. I actually have a full sized IOgear keyboard with 
> trackball/mouse.  It works well for me as I can remember all the 
> keyboard commands.  The Wife, not so much :-)

I have been using remotes similar to this one for several years, and 
they are mostly great. The only oddity is that some of the keys generate 
mouse events rather than keypresses. This article hints at the remote's 
features and quirks:


Most important is this quote: "The rightmost key (with the “U-turn” 
arrow) generates the right mouse button whether the mouse is on or off 
and probably can't be used for other purposes." Well, it can, if you use 
xbindkeys, similar to this article:


(I would post my config, but I can't get to it right now.)
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