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Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 20:20:35 UTC 2019

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 9:19 AM Allen Edwards <allen.p.edwards at gmail.com>

> In planning for Phase 9 channel reassignments scheduled for next year I
> found this quote (paraphrase):
> "MythTV rescan is just too difficult so I did it manually and it only took
> 4 hours"
> Not what I wanted to find. Can someone point me to how this should be
> done. Specifically, I find four possibilities on how this might be done in
> two menus:
> In Connect Source to Inputs
> 1) Scan for Channels
> 2) Fetch channels from Listing Source
> In Channel Editor
> 1) Channel Scan
> 2) Edit Transports
> I have learned the hard way not to just experiment so I am asking for
> guidance.
> I have two HD Homerun dual tuners (first generation) so I have four
> capture cards listed and connected to a single Video Source called "Antenna
> North" which is linked to Schedules Direct. All the capture cards are
> apparently set up as MPEG2TS.
> My system is Mythbuntu 14.04.1 LTS and MythTV fixes/0.28
> Is there some documentation or can someone give me some specific guidance
> for doing the required rescan or other channel reassignment process.
> Allen
Not sure if I did the right thing by starting a new thread on this as there
is another similar one but I didn't want to hijack it.

I have also found that "Scan for Channels" and "Channel Scan" do the same
thing so that leaves 3 possibilities.

The most intriguing is "Edit Transports" as it brings up the thought that I
could edit the data. One problem I have is that a scan finds two channel
7's.  The first is the one (ch 12) I want and it is overwritten by the
second one (ch 35) so I I end up getting the one coming into the back of
the antenna, not what I want. I think I dealt with that by repeating the
scan and then interrupting it.  In any event, the WiKi has this guidance
for "Edit Transports".

*For a DVB or ATSC source you can edit the settings for tuning channels. Do
not try this unless you are sure of what you are doing.*

All I can find online for "Edit Transports" other than the page with the
above warning are bug reports.

That leaves "Fetch channels from listing service".  I found this advice in
one thread:

*•IMPORTANT: Click “Fetch channels from listing source” not “scan for
channels” •The Fetch will use the schedules direct and only get you the
channels you have on that listing which is what you want*

And a reply that it didn't do anything and the guy used a scan, which I
would prefer to avoid. Other threads lead me to question if this function
works at all.

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