[mythtv-users] Metadata problem

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 14:10:33 UTC 2019

On 8/3/19 9:55 AM, glen wrote:
> starting yesterday i get no metadata artwork on tv shows only. in 
> looking into it, i find that in the recording rule under metadata i 
> have an inet reference number that is correct but when i go to find 
> online content button, it runs for a while and i get 'no image found'. 
> i then ran mythmetadatalookup --refresh-all-artwork. that went for a 
> long time. i also ran mythmetadatalookup --refresh-all. the result of 
> that was that metadata that was showing was now not showing. metadata 
> for much older shows still is there.
> i have changed nothing that would effect permissions in the 
> directories called out for artwork. testing on a fresh recording this 
> morning, in metadata options in recording rule, it obtains the inet 
> number but again does not find or retreive any artwork.
> i am on arch linux and rebuilt the mythtv-git package which 
> corresponds to 30 fixes branch.
> i am at a loss to know the next steps to try to troubleshoot this 
> issue. any help is appreciate. thanks.
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I was also having problems yesterday. It seemed that the website 
https://www.thetvdb.com/ was not responding to searches. I got a '502' 
error when searching. Hopefully that will be sorted out by now.
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