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On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 10:31 PM Stephen Worthington <
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> On Fri, 31 Aug 2018 17:03:32 -0400, you wrote:
> >I'm thinking of replacing my storage drives with new ones. Is the Segate
> >barracuda just as good as the WD Purple? Or is the $15 per terrabyte worth
> >it for the "cctv" drive?
> Seagate desktop class drives are not rated for 24x7 operation, and in
> Backblaze's statistics, they die early and often when used that way.
> You need to be looking at their 24x7 rated drives, which are the
> surveillance or NAS ones, or above.  My guess is that the WD desktop
> drives will be similar, although probably not quite as bad as the
> Seagate desktop drives.  I have been using a Seagate ST4000VN000 (4
> Tbyte NAS drive) for 5 years now and it has been fine.  But I have not
> used any other Seagate drives newer than that for 24x7 operation, so I
> do not know for sure about them.
> One thing I found with my ST4000VN000 is that while it is rated as
> having about the same noise level as my other drives in my MythTV box
> (WD and HGST), its sound quality is annoying - it makes a "click"
> noise when stepping that is clearly audible above the noise of the
> box.
> I have just ordered a Seagate ST12000NM0007 drive (12 Tbyte enterprise
> class helium), for use in my Windows box, as they are amazingly cheap
> for an enterprise class drive of that size and Backblaze says they are
> OK after running them for a year.  It is due to arrive on Monday.  But
> by the reports I have seen on Amazon, they do the Seagate "click"
> noise, so might not be suitable for a MythTV box next to a TV.  If
> their sound quality and level is OK, I intend saving up to get one for
> my MythTV box also.
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My box is not on 24/7, it turns on for a news recording at 6pm and most of
our TV watching happens in the evenings, so normally <6 hours per day. The
two Toshiba 1TB drives that I have been using show 14 months of spin time
over some 5 years of service. I'm currently awaiting the arrival of a new
Kingston SSD for my OS (previous drive died due to overheating, not enough
air moving in the cabinet the box hides in, add fan voila) It appears that
the Barracuda drive is similar to, if not a re-brand of my original
toshibas, but I'm curious about the WD purple drives hyped as for CCTV.
Does anyone have experience with them? Is recording and deleting TV enough
like surveillance to justify the extra initial expense?
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