[mythtv-users] Mythtv, Plex, and watched status

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Thu Mar 29 18:51:09 UTC 2018

I solved this (and a ton of other issues) by simply stopping using mythfrontend all together.  Instead I have:

mythbackend - liveTV, recording/scheduling.  I record cable and do IPTV for some European channels as well.

plex media server - being fed content from Mythbackend via myth2kodi which gets called as a user job after recording ends. Commercial skipping is not passed along in a way that works, but that was so badly broken in myth that it was a nuance anyways.  Occasionally  myth2kodi needs a little massaging because of the lack of decent data in the myth database about a recording but it works a solid 9/10.  I also have other sources automatically feeding things into plex.  

Kodi frontends - I use the plexkodiconnect addon to play all my plex content instead of local libraries, which handles all the library/watched status syncs between devices and plex itself.  It also lets me organize everything so that I have separate menu items/libraries for TV shows/Movies/Kids TV/Kids Movies/Exercise videos for the wife etc. I have the mythpvr addon for liveTV and any recordings that didn't get moved via myth2kodi or are still recording, which syncs watched status with the myth side.  I have a heavily customized skin that makes it all seemless.

Hardware I have a server running mythbackend/plex and a bunch of other stuff off in a utility room where it can't be heard of played with by kids.  Frontends I ditched my expensive/noisy/power hungry HTPC's I was previously running Mythfrontend on and switched Nvidia Shields (android TV) connected to my TV's.  They are awesome in every way possible.  In addition to kodi (in 4K /w HDR) I can access all the streaming sites now too: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Youtube kids, Hulu, HBO Go, Showtime, PBS, all the broadcast/cable ones etc...  The whole thing can be controlled via voice commands, Alexia or Google (although Google won't work in kodi until 18).  I also run Kodi on my android tablets/phone, which works from anywhere (minus the mythtv part) as it's tied in to plex.  Apple iPads I have the Plex app only because that's a crap platform that doesn't allow open source.  

Overall I'm super happy with this setup.  I've won my sceptical wife over, and my 3 year old as figured it out on her own (ok google, turn on the TV etc), including own to chromecast to my TV's from her iPad.  It's been way more trouble free than mythfrontend/HTPC's.  It was a ton of effort to set it all up and customize it to my liking, kodi in particular, but well worth the end result.

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Hello All,

In my household, we primarily watch TV using Mythtv on the big screen 
and plex on the phones and tablets.

One of the pain points is knowing what shows have already been watched 
on one platform and those that have not.

Is there anything that can manage the watched status in mythv and keep 
it in sync with plex or vice versa?

I found something called trakt that some are using with Plex, Kodi, etc, 
but I don't see any mention of support for mythtv.    I also don't 
really need to send my viewing data to an external party.

I would be happy if there was a script that could read from the mythtv 
database and push watched status to plex or vice versa.

Has anyone tackled this problem?


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